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Wolf Spirit

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Native American Wolf Prayer

Spirit of the Wolf,

You who wanders the wild lands, You who stalks in silent shadows, You who runs and leaps between the moss-covered trees, lend me your primal strength, and the wisdom of your glowing eyes. Teach me to relentlessly track my desires. And to stand in defense of those I love. Show me the hidden paths and the moonlit fields. Fierce Spirit, walk with me in my solitude. Howl with me in my joy and guard me as I move through this world.

An invocation: As I walk through this earth, I am open to receive the guidance of spirit, knowing my spirit animals are here to protect me from harm.

Every person is assigned an Animal Totem by birthright. This is the animal that guides you and protects you throughout your life journey. Assigning an animal totem to a character intensifies its depth beautifully. It offers insights and clues as to how they act, move, and what their values are. Exploring their shadow side is equally important. Like humans, every animal has a light side and a dark side. Through their fears and instincts, we understand their motivations and vulnerabilities. Researching an animal helps you map out your set of character traits, beliefs, values and lessons. When you are receptive to animal guidance, you enjoy their wisdom that can be easily applied in your life.

As for Spirit Animals, they are available to anyone at any time. Once you know your animal totem, or if you want to understand your spirit and power animals, it is always great to watch them on Animal Planet, and check for spirit animal websites. Shamanic teachings offer valuable information on this topic. Below is the breakdown:

1. Animal Totem: This is who you are in essence; it is your animal mirror. It watches over you and protects you. It is your advisor, if you are open to listen. This is the only animal that is constant.

My Animal Totem is the Wolf.

Wolf Quote: “Be still and trust your intuition. Your song is heard.”

Some of the wolf’s qualities are: Grace, strength, insight, wisdom, loyal and emotional.

In his shadow, a wolf is: Fierce, territorial, intimidating, a loner, and melancholic.

Good night, for now, until the next episode in the Animal Spirit Guides series.

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