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Editorial, Proofreading
& Content Creation 

Writing & Editing

We help your work shine by writing press releases, arrange your portfolio, create impactful and unique content for your site, and accompany it with creative designs, and engaging online content.


We all have a story trapped inside us.Through our writing workshops, you will find your voice. You will learn how to create authentic characters and impactful narratives.

Book Architecture

Congratulations! You finished your draft. Now you need an editor, an exciting book cover, and typesetting. We will also help you upload your book to all major stores at no additional cost.


We offer a variety of coaching services, tailor made for your individual needs. Whether you are a writer, or someone on a journey of self-discovery and are interested in the human consciousness, we will fashion the process to help you reach your end goal.

Website Content &
Media Kits

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1-3 Pages

Small Business & Independent  Artists

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Press Releases

Flat Rate with and without research.


4-7 Pages

Medium Business

Image by Andrew Ridley

Blog Articles

Includes research.

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8-12 Pages

Large Business


Dynamic presentations that will get you the deal.

Proofreading Rates
by Genre

Writing on Her Journal


Proofreading, editing, and typesetting.

You don't want your memoir to sound like an unreadable diary.


From Self-help to educational and professional books. Specialised fields: Psychology, Criminal Law, and Law Enforcement, Spirituality, Relationships and Psychedelic journeying topics.

Reading a Book


Beta reading, line editing, developmental editing on select projects. Specialty is character development/modification. Your characters will be impactful, authentic and unforgettable, elevating the entire manuscript. 

 Audiovisual Services

Photos for a blog

Content Creation + Management

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PR Package

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Audio Books

Image by Josh Rose

Website Design

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Logo Design

Image by Fang-Wei Lin


Image by Vadim Artyukhin

Business Cards 

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Book Cover Design

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