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Projects & Clients

I've had the pleasure to work with some of the best professionals and high-end companies around the world. It is through my esteemed clients that I was able to hone my craft as a professional writer, coach, and promoter in a variety of industries. Each client deserves my deepest gratitude for the unique experiences and valuable lessons they generously shared. Thank you for your trust. 

Talent Representation, Coaching, and Media Management

Vince Vieluf
Martin Bregman
Khaled El Sawy

Actor Vincent Vieluf/Rat Race
Talent Management

Producer Martin Bregman/Scarface
Personal Assistant

Actor Khaled Elsawy/Blue Elephant
Talent Management/Coaching/Headshots

Eyad Nassar
Sammy Sheikh.jpg
Brannon Braga.jpg

Actor Eyad Nassar/Moga Harra
Talent Management/Coaching/Headshots

Actor Sammy Sheikh/LOST
Talent Management

Writer Brannon Braga/Star Trek
Meditation Coach

Celebrity Events


Bob Hope/Hall of Fame 
PR Assistant: Levine Communications

Bob Hope/Book Soup, Hollywood
PR Assistant: Levine Communications