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Unearthing Purity

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

An artisan jeweller from Egypt, who believes that diamonds reflect our inner world and hidden treasure. He sets an intention to oblige his calling as a medium of purity and as a reminder to others of their inner beauty, value and love. He is a deep believer in relationships as the most potent projectors of our worlds, both inner, and outer, which makes them detrimental to our general well-being. Mr. Salem is an advocate for love and he is here to help you nurture and capture the most important root of our existence.

"In a world that is rapidly losing its purity and consistently forgetting the value of existence, I seek to unearth our long-lost innocence, as I seek the help of Nature through the stones. Nothing is purer than Diamonds, and the powerful energy they lend us is precious. I believe in the purity of all living beings; however dormant it may be. Just like the diamonds, we, as a breed, need to dig deep to find it, and to relearn to appreciate it within us.", reflects Mr Salem.
Here is a rare jeweller, from Egypt, who’s in constant search for the most precious of gems the Earth offers, as he observes anyone who crosses his path with genuine interest, purity and care. Mr Salem believes that the deeper one delves into themselves, the more they realise their strength. Diamonds are the same. The deeper and longer they live on the earth, the stronger they are. Diamonds are the roughest and most durable of all stones, and those who wear them recover such great energy through them. Mr Salem adds tremendous value and respects the planet, which is why he adheres to the Kimberley Process, the only humane way to exhume diamonds instead of exploiting citizens of underdeveloped countries. Mr Salem continues, “Knowing the source of your stones, while ensuring a humane process, is of utmost importance to me. I believe diamonds offer the most valuable way to express one’s love, and therefore, their source has to be equally dignified”.
"I have always been fascinated with watches and clocks. The dynamics and the intricacy of their design are incredible. Tiny pieces tell us how much time we have. Even a stopped watch, gives the right time twice a day."

"Time is the most valuable commodity in this world. It is the only thing that is so easily wasted that you never get back." Mr Salem reminisces.

The watch collection is carefully chosen and beautifully displayed. Mr Salem decorates them with his stunning diamonds to combine the most two precious things in one that you may wrap around your wrist. It is a reminder of what matters most in life, and how wisely we need to invest it. Time for our loved ones; time for ourselves; time for serenity and time for growth. As our time passes on, a watch may remind you to grow into gratitude, and exhume the memories of a sunny day, when your loved one gave you such a gift.
“Everything in the world is energy. Once we understand how energy works, we come closer to understanding the universe that lives within us all. Nothing passes on energy through the generations as vintage jewellery that our ancestors once wore. Time helped them grow in value and gave us endless stories to tell behind every incredible piece.”
Every human is unique in their own way. Wearing a vintage piece that no one else has truly become a magical testament to your individuality.
Mr Salem intelligently merges three different jewellery lines that best express the qualities he carries within him, and that he values the most in Nature and fellow humans: Purity, integrity, strength and loving energy.
Mr Marco Salem was born to be a jeweller, as he stands out through the way he connects with his clients. He is someone who truly values human relations, honesty, and purity of heart and spirit. For him, it goes way beyond a business, but a true exchange of energy with everyone and everything. He is a diamond within and without.
"When I work, I feel most at home, as this is where my heart truly is. I believe that passion is a crucial element to excel, and once you find your genuine passion, it no longer feels like work, but a graceful dance. I hope to pass on such principles to my clients through my pieces and I hope they find solace in the energy they extract from wearing them.”
Mr Salem has carved his path with purity and grace. Impeccable passion drives him. Like the diamonds that reflect light, so does Mr Salem with his state of being, illuminating our spirits and our hearts.

Solitaire Jewelers Hawaii
Century Center, 1750 Kalakaua Ave, #105, Honolulu, Hawaii - 96826.

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 – 06:00 PM Saturday: 12:00 - 4:00 PM Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

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