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Something Nice Back Home

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

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Something Nice Back Home
by J.S. Wolfe

Energy Healer: Nicola Harris

Our pain and loneliness leave us longing for something we have long

forgotten: Home.

On the tired path, we became orphans in this world, taken in by other

orphans, who take us farther and farther away from home, and gave us

conditions to abide by that go against our Nature. Should we deviate

from the collective new reality, we risk losing our vital needs for

connection, food, and oxygen. What we don’t realize is that we cannot

experience connection as long as we continue to abandon and betray


When we separate from Nature, we abandon ourselves, and wonder why we feel so alone.

Every once in a blue moon, someone hears a whisper, asking them to find their courage and jump ship. Their task is to break the silence of their hearts and mute the noise of fear.

Nicola Harris did just that. A natural healer from Ireland, Nicola felt the pull to leave her country of

origin in search for the origin of her soul’s journey. Her journey led her to Egypt, and before knowing why, she listened.

“The world has instilled so much shame within us for expressing our authentic selves. Many of us fear being judged and ostracized so much that it keeps us from connecting to our individuality that we end up trading it in for the sake of fitting in. I am here to help heal this deep-seated shame so that you can remember your true worth and break free from a mold that blocked your growth and abundance.. Enough with the shame!” Nicola passionately exclaims, “You deserve better than that, and the best place to start is from our place of origin, that is, Mother Nature. Let's return to its nurture and much-needed place of rest”

When we shrink ourselves for long enough, we lose our energetic strength to shine and reach our highest potential. Within the mold, we are not allowed to express our emotions. Unexpressed emotions get stored within our bodies, making them heavy and unwell.

Through her work, Nicola combines a harmonious collection of healing methods that are best practiced in concert for well-rounded and effective healing. Massages are often sought after for the obvious physical relief; however, their benefits run deeper. It is a time for the body to tell your story, your stored emotions, and the stuck energy that needs to find its flow once more. The process of liberating our emotional baggage allows us to feel truly liberated. Along with the physical aspect of her healing hands and intuitive understanding of your needs, Nicola offers insight into the source of your pain and guides you on daily practices for you to turn into healthy habits that prevent ailments of the body and soul. Once you commit to your healing, you will be invited to join her by signing up for a healing retreat among Nature. You will finally be able to find your way back home, where all your life’s answers are made clear.

Are you ready to let go of everything that is weighing you down?

Are you willing to listen to your highest calling? Are you aware of your own light, waiting for you to shine it upon the world?

Are you ready to meet yourself? Are you ready to find something nice back home?

Follow Nicola on Instagram @nicola.Sun_Disc, and soon, she will let you in on her retreats, and have access to her and know her whereabouts all around Egypt. She is waiting for you almost just as much as you have been waiting for yourself.

The world needs you. Home is calling. Love is here for you.

© J.S. Wolfe

Instagram: @wolfesound

Copyright © 2021 by J.S. Wolfe, Involution Publishing

All rights reserved.

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