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Stay, Woman, Stay

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

"Who do you run to when your only saviour is the one you're running from?"

Hymn for the woman who almost stayed...

You tell me he broke you again today
Tell me why you’ll stay
For love or fear or something grey

If you love me you’d stay
This is what he’d say
For shame he will betray

Stay, woman, stay.
Give your life away
I’ll love you anyway

But if you leave
Goddess, please
Know how free you deserve to be

For the love of you
Crazy and subdued
Come with me

In love we don’t weep
Here we get to sleep
We only breathe in peace

Let me show you peace
I will keep you safe
I am your inner sage

But if you with him stay
I’ll love you anyway With you I'll always pray.

But if you want to stay
Stay with me stay
I will show you the way

Out with the poison you crave
The clown is just a phase
The light is in your face

Let's return to faith
Stay with me stay
I will show you the way


J.S. Wolfe

WolfeSound - @wolfesound

Involution Publishing

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