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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

*Debut film score for Masks of Sanity. Watch experimental teaser below.

I pull myself out of their indifference
God is laughing at their missing conscience...
They’ll pray and speak their good intentions
They’ll eat your soul with their knife and vengeance

And I need a miracle
to get out of this war

His conscience gone and they called him soldier
He pushed them out beyond their borders
He gave his love for lustful murder
He won their lives saved his confessions

And we need a miracle
to get out of this one

He spoke to devils in tall buildings

They praised him high for all his winnings
Their lives had drained into his laughter
His graves are foolish for his collection

There is no miracle
to get out of this one

On their graves lies their discretion
Their souls are chained and lost direction
He collects their bones with good intention

And he lives on without detection

And he trusts a miracle
will get him out of this one

He'll dig your grave if it makes a difference....

Masks of Sanity
J.S. Wolfe
Involution Films

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