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Soul Loss

Soul Loss

Dark Night of the Soul

When the soul escapes, we enter the dark night of the soul. But if it wasn’t for the darkest hour, the soul would have no time to rest.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and found them devoid of life? Psychopaths’ eyes are mostly reported to be empty. There is no trace of humanity in those eyes. Non-psychopaths; however, can experience a different kind of emptiness. We see it when we look in the mirror and fail to recognize ourselves. This occurs in times of extreme sadness and inner turmoil. Many of us lose sight of who we are when we are in a painful time of our life. Your eyes, that were once filled with hope and joy, are now lifeless. When we are unhappy or drained, we feel a deep loss of our life force. When we are surrounded by toxicity, and we get wounded, a piece of our soul escapes our body temple to protect itself. With every wound, physical or emotional, and with every trauma, and every heartbreak, another piece escapes. The greater the toxicity, the more lifeless we become. The good news is, there are ways to retrieve the pieces of your soul. It does not have to be a permanent condition. When we remove ourselves from the environment that created the wounds, and set out to tend to them, clean them up, and heal, we become a safe space for the soul to return. The toxicity can be instigated by us just the same. In this case, you must alter the way you treat yourself and others. If you are the perpetrator, then a dramatic behavioural change is called for.

Symptoms and Causes of Soul Loss

Symptoms and Causes of Soul Loss

Dream yourself infinite. Leave yourself some breathing space.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

• A marked emptiness in the eyes.

• Constant fatigue no matter how long you rested.

• Lack of focus and direction.

• Vertigo, and overall loss of balance.

• Irritability and violent outbursts.

• Low vibrational energy.

• Mental numbness.

• Perpetual emotional pain that leads to addictions.

• Inability to connect with others.

Causes of Soul Loss

• Any form of abuse, be it emotional, mental, sexual, physical, financial or spiritual.

• Traumatic events that have not been processed. It can range from prolonged childhood abuse, public humiliation to loss of a loved one through divorce or death.

• Committing crimes, going to war, and any engagement in high conflict situations.

• Prolonged substance abuse of any kind.

• Witnessing a crime or fatal accident.

• Suffering extreme poverty.

• Being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease.

• Being victimized by a partner or a trusted person.

• Victims of kidnapping, human trafficking, and rape.

• Abusing others, bullying, being envious and engaging in malicious acts.

Soul Retrieval Practices

Soul Retrieval Practices

Call your soul back home.

Many of us have created a hostile environment for our soul. When we wage wars within our mind, and our body attacks itself, our souls get evicted. To retrieve it, we must cease fire. Gradually, the pieces will return, with one act of truce at a time. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space. When fear populates your mind, it clouds the soul ’s loving light. Only when we let go of our darkness can we see clearly again. Make yourself a safe haven; invite the light back in.

1. Mind your thoughts. Get rid of negative self-talk. Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to your child or someone you love.

2. Refrain from alcohol, and chemicals. (I am not advocating against them. But they obstruct inner light.)

3. Remove all harmful people from your life.

4. Eat nurturing food.

5. Sleep well every night, preferably at the same hour.

6. Meditate every morning and every night.

7. Get rid of your addictions.

8. Go to therapy, seek trusted healers. Make use of Nature.

9. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, expectations, and missteps.

10. Forgive others by releasing resentments and anger. Do not invite them back into your life, if they continue to be abusive.

11. Take good care of your overall health. Visit doctors when needed. Bring back your joy.

12. Revisit your goals and dreams, and make time for them each day.

13. Surround yourself with genuine people, who add value to your life.

14. Be mindful of what you watch, and listen to. Practice intentional entertainment.

15. Slow down. Refrain from judging yourself, and release judgments of others. Do not engage in gossip or chronic complaining. What you say affects your energy.

16. Stop blaming yourself, people, or circumstances. Raise the standards of your life and take responsibility.

17. Have integrity in everything you do. Write down all the characteristics of someone you admire, then set out to embody those characteristics in yourself.

18. Do not allow anyone to disrespect you. Have self-respect and healthy boundaries.

19. Do not behave in ways that do not represent and honor who you are. Take past lessons and make wiser choices.

20. Have a zero tolerance policy for anything that does not align with your higher self and new found, healthy lifestyle.

21. Learn to be receptive to love.

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