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Downfall of a Psychopath

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Psychopaths have no concept of consequences. Following their release from jail, they will commit another crime. Their lack of empathy will lead them to betray everyone they know. The truth is, they are not as intelligent as many believe, because being a low life criminal, and a traitor is never intelligent. Being emotionless is a surefire recipe for failure. No matter what they do, they never have the last laugh.

Their downfall is violent.

Note: A con man, aka Confidence Man, is labeled as such due to the fact that they use confidence to earn your trust first. They often approach people, who already trust them, such as friends and family, but most often they build trust within their community, by being popular, friendly, seemingly, trustworthy, with powerful charm and an air of success.

Beware the corporate psychopath. They hide under "normal" appearance. They know how to turn on the charm when they meet a potential target. They have shallow affect. The good news is, they always overestimate themselves and underestimate everyone else.
The average psychopath, funnily enough, ends up being the fall guy of a more experienced psychopath. Good riddance.

The downfall of the Psychopath is imminent. Until then, do not take the bait. It is venomous.

Psychopaths have no understanding of consequences. Even those who have been to jail and were lucky enough to be released, will go right back to their old tricks. They either end up back behind bars, or worse. Whatever happens, their end is far from pleasant. They believe they can outsmart the law of man and the law of nature.
The truth is, they are not as intelligent as they believe themselves to be, because being a low life criminal, and a traitor is never intelligent. Their lack of empathy will lead them to betray everyone they know. Being emotionless is their downfall. They are blinded by their egos and insatiable hunger for power and greed.
Arrogance, an overestimation of themselves, and an underestimation, are all components of a timed explosive. When they get themselves into a confined space they can no longer escape, it will get triggered, destroying their house of cards. They deal a hand they cannot handle.

The White-collar Psychopath
Here are some obvious and not so obvious warning signs of the corporate psychopath and how to best deal with them: Following a story about two con artists that I will name George and Lennie after the characters from Of Mice and Men. As all psychopaths, they ultimately turn on each other once their mutual interest is done.
In this first episode, we will examine the subtle warning signs of the corporate psychopath. In the following episodes, I will share the characters' stories and the dynamic that plays out between them, and how their respective karma unfolds. There are starkly different warning signs that each character gives off, which is critical to know. Finally, we will examine the victims' karma, and how to course correct it, in order to avoid repetition.

Early signs you are dealing with a con-artist:

Tip #01 - Your intuition will nag at you

When you feel this knot in your stomach, or a whisper in the back of your mind not to go forward, listen to it. Criminals tend to entice you with financial abundance to ensnare you. Often enough, they will only do so to earn your trust. Once you do trust them, you will begin to oblige their requests, while bending your rules of a down payment, or other insurance. You may continue, following the carrot they dangle consistently just out of your reach. Remember, the carrot will always remain one or two steps ahead of you, and your losses will be much greater than any initial gain.

Tip #02 - Your body will signal danger

Your body has its own intelligence and uncanny bullshit detector. If you bypass your intuition, your body will give off signals right at its tail. The tingle in your stomach or chest may turn into full on pain. You may develop hives. You can literally develop an allergy to narcissists and psychopaths. Once you rule out food, detergents and other medical issues, know that being allergic to toxic humans is real.

Tip #03 - They have a criminal past

Chances are, a con-artist who targeted you has priors. In the age of information, do your due diligence and look into their criminal history. This does not mean that they have to have priors for you to worry. Many of them are good at flying under the radar for a while. In any case, it does not really matter that much. If someone is not doing right by you, it is reason enough to cut ties. If you do locate a criminal record, collect the evidence, because you will most likely need it later to minimise your losses.

Tip #04 - They show no remorse

Some criminals, who have been exposed in the past, know how futile it is to deny wrongdoing. While they still wouldn't take responsibility either, they will most likely admit to the past, while shifting blame, or refuse to discuss it. They will use statements that are generally true, such as, "It is in the past and I choose to move on", making you believe they will not reoffend. It is another method to make you think they are honest and transparent; another reason to trust them.
If they were never, legally, indicted, yet seem to have a checkered, business past, they will blame-shift, and claim all past business partners have ripped them off, which led to the failing of their venture.While it is possible for some people to have been conned multiple times, the psychopath will not own up to the part they played within the conflict. No lessons learned, and no accountability.

Tip #05 - Their businesses have no physical address

If they claim to be a big business, yet there is only P.O. Box addresses, take it as a red flag. There are many small business, or independent entrepreneurs, who do not have the need or the means to have an office space. However, when someone claims to be a global entrepreneur, who is a billionaire and an investor in a variety of sectors, but still have no physical offices, then forget about any positive outcome of such dealing.

Tip #06 - They avoid banks

Scammers hate banks. If an employer tells you they will pay via western union, you need to worry. Of course, Western Union is a favourable payment transfer for other legitimate reasons, such as a lower transfer percentage, and for its immediacy; two good reasons banks lack. Scammers; however, use it to launder money, avoid taxes, remain untraceable for as long as possible, and their financial records do not get the attention of the authorities. They tend to use cash more than anything else, and their wealth is usually in a drawer in their home.

Tip #07 - They leave no paper trail

They act offended when you ask them to sign a contract, or send a notarised agreement, invoice or anything that holds them legally accountable to you. They may ask you to sign, yet refuse to send you a copy with their signature.

Tip #08 - There is always a Scapegoat

While many psychopaths prefer to work alone, they often team up with another psychopath or malignant narcissist when they share a common goal. The one who is better at conning the other, will use the weakling as the fall guy, should anything happen. A corporate psychopath or malignant narcissist often needs a scapegoat. They use the same scamming methods on someone they picked on purpose. The profile of the scapegoat is of someone who is starved for power, is insecure, and blinded by money and a false sense of control. The scapegoat is of lesser intelligence, who falls for the mirage of a superior title within a fraud organisation. The superior position often comes with signatory rights, which will be used against the scapegoat when law enforcement finally catches up with them.

Tip #09- They are soft-spoken in public

Fraudsters understand that charm goes a long way. They pay attention to detail, including their tone of voice. A mild-mannered person is often in a better position to manipulate others, while someone who is more human, and is emotional, is viewed as unstable. They know how to destabilize their victims so they find an excuse for defrauding them. Only psychopaths are able to remain calm most of the time, especially when dealing with those they regard as powerful or as useful in that moment.

Tip #10- They are hostile and abusive in private

Their masks come off before their subordinates, their victims, or anyone they deem useless to them. They think that their hostility will send you into silence and compliance. If you prove them wrong, and fight back, they switch to playing the victim, the wise one, and fine tune their tone into a milder pitch. The character they embody when dealing with their superiors is in stark contrast to the one they embody before their victims. When the victim reacts, others will blame the reaction, because they never witness the psychopath's action that triggered it.

Tip #11- They steal money, credit, and time

Money is not the worst thing they steal from you. Even though conning people out of money causes tremendous harm on a personal and professional level, it is the loss of credit, time, energy, and health and destroys many people, especially small businesses. Without a healthy cash flow, a small business may be shut down, the owner cannot afford basic needs, including food and medicine, which becomes more debilitating to their overall health and anyone dependent on them. When your livelihood is being attacked, you become frail. When you are not credited for your hard work, it means your time, energy and future reference is robbed too.

Tip #12- They turn on each other

Rest assured, there is not a loyal bone in the psychopath's body. Get out of their way, and they will turn on each other, and trip themselves. Follow the story of Lennie and George to know more of how they operate and how you can achieve victory without stooping to their level.

The point we must reach is how to remain safe, while fighting the good fight against these predators.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series.

In the next episodes, we meet Lennie, the pompous loser, whose need for control will lead him to lose it all.

We will see his boss, George, in the next episode, an old-timer in white-collar crime who plots Lennie's demise. Discover how psychopaths operate and how you can prevent them from destroying your career, finances, and health.

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