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Chasing Rainbows

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

On Miki

by J.S. Wolfe


New York, NY. April 2008- “Where is your happiness?”, asks Miki with a

fragile smile. Miki, an international Artist, from Tokyo Japan, showcased

her work throughout cosmopolitan cities; including: Los Angeles, Tokyo,

and New York. She Travels the world to restore happiness, and expresses

emotions through animals.

Miki began painting at the age of one, marking

a turning point in her life, carving her path as an artist. Exploring the parallel

universe of human emotion and animal wisdom, Miki merges both

worlds, in search for answers. Her upcoming exhibition, titled “Chasing

Rainbows”, at 43 8th Avenue Gallery, consists of twelve paintings, revealing

the many colors and layers of our emotions.

“I believe we always have a choice between happiness and pain”, Miki affirms,

“yet I look around to find that most people choose pain and suffering

over happiness”. In her painting, “First Love”, depicting an elephant meditating

in a garden with his eyes closed, as if reminiscing of an eternal

memory of a great love it once had. Though the elephant is now alone, it

appears peaceful, and content carrying the wisdom of letting go gracefully,

knowing that it cannot rely on another for its own joy.

Miki exhumes the forgotten rainbows, beauty and purity of being in love.

Miki has painted many animals in her past exhibitions, but this is the first

time she focuses on a single concept, expressed through a single animal,

the elephant. In some Asian cultures, the elephant is regarded as holy; it

represents beautiful emotions, meditation and wisdom. “I like to channel

my energy into my art as it fills a certain void within”, states Miki.

“Art possesses the magic of replenishing emotional hunger, and I hope for everyone

who comes across my work may experience a sense of fulfillment and


In 2002, on her continual quest to find her inner voice, the inspiration to

paint an elephant found her, which she believes to be the

perfect symbol

reflecting the kind of happiness she’d like to convey. A happiness based

on reciprocation and self-awareness.

Miki’s work is one we all relate to, as it poses a question that has baffled

humanity for centuries; “Where is our happiness?”, which leads to an even

more resonant question of “Do we find more comfort in our darkness that

we developed a fear of light?”

Miki, and her elephants gather all the positive energy they could muster, in

an attempt to remind us of the light, bringing us home; back into our center,

where true rainbows reside.

© J.S. Wolfe

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