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Soul Loss

Dark Night of the Soul

When the soul escapes, we enter the dark night of the soul. But if it wasn’t for the darkest hour, the soul would have no time to rest.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and found them devoid of life? Psychopaths’ eyes are mostly reported to be empty. There is no trace of humanity in those eyes. Non-psychopaths; however, can experience a different kind of emptiness. We see it when we look in the mirror and fail to recognize ourselves. This occurs in times of extreme sadness and inner turmoil. Many of us lose sight of who we are when we are in a painful time of our life. Your eyes, that were once filled with hope and joy, are now lifeless. When we are unhappy or drained, we feel a deep loss of our life force. When we are surrounded by toxicity, and we get wounded, a piece of our soul escapes our body temple to protect itself. With every wound, physical or emotional, and with every trauma, and every heartbreak, another piece escapes. The greater the toxicity, the more lifeless we become. The good news is, there are ways to retrieve the pieces of your soul. It does not have to be a permanent condition. When we remove ourselves from the environment that created the wounds, and set out to tend to them, clean them up, and heal, we become a safe space for the soul to return. The toxicity can be instigated by us just the same. In this case, you must alter the way you treat yourself and others. If you are the perpetrator, then a dramatic behavioural change is called for.

Soul Loss
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