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Symptoms and Causes of Soul Loss

Dream yourself infinite. Leave yourself some breathing space.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

• A marked emptiness in the eyes.

• Constant fatigue no matter how long you rested.

• Lack of focus and direction.

• Vertigo, and overall loss of balance.

• Irritability and violent outbursts.

• Low vibrational energy.

• Mental numbness.

• Perpetual emotional pain that leads to addictions.

• Inability to connect with others.

Causes of Soul Loss

• Any form of abuse, be it emotional, mental, sexual, physical, financial or spiritual.

• Traumatic events that have not been processed. It can range from prolonged childhood abuse, public humiliation to loss of a loved one through divorce or death.

• Committing crimes, going to war, and any engagement in high conflict situations.

• Prolonged substance abuse of any kind.

• Witnessing a crime or fatal accident.

• Suffering extreme poverty.

• Being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease.

• Being victimized by a partner or a trusted person.

• Victims of kidnapping, human trafficking, and rape.

• Abusing others, bullying, being envious and engaging in malicious acts.

Symptoms and Causes of Soul Loss
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